The Novaguard

Novaguard (XXS) Mini


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The Novaguard (PO403)
(XXS) Mini

The Novaguard helps dogs to recover from surgery, rashes or injury by gently restricting access to their body. It is more comfortable and easier to use than a standard e-collar.

The Novaguard keeps your dog’s ears free and moves around with the head to whichever way they want to look.

The Novaguard is worn on the head, rather than around the neck and has it’s own integrated velcro neck strap. A standard neck collar isn’t needed which is handy if you have a breed with a longer neck.

The Novaguard does not enclose the ears. This enables your dog to hear as normal, eliminates sound distortions, and helps them to localise sounds. They will also be free to scratch their ears if they want to. It also reduces the build up of moisture and irritation of the ears, which can trigger ear infections.

When your dog looks up, down or side-to-side, the Novaguard follows. With a standard e-collar the plastic cone is loosely worn around the neck making it floppy and cumbersome and liable to get snagged on furniture and bedding.

The head rest used inside the Novaguard is the same style as the Optivizor. It creates a cushioned space between the dog’s face and the surface of the Novaguard, allowing air to circulate and the internal temperature down. The width of a Novaguard is noticeably smaller than an e-collar. It only encompasses the face and nose and doesn’t need to fan out from behind the head. This is worth thinking about if you’d like your dog to get through their door flap or kennel entrance.

Novaguard (XXS) Mini (PO403) ✘ out of stock £29.00

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The Novaguard is suitable for all dogs. If you have a breed with a shorter nose (e.g. pug or a boxer) or longer nose (e.g. whippet) please contact us to discuss sizing. Refer to the Size Guide for a guide to classification of nose lengths by breed. Pre-scored lines on the end of the Novaguard make it easier for you to trim and shorten the length if required. The Novaguard can be cleaned with warm soapy water and dried with a towel.

Other sizes of Novaguard are available. Please check you have the right one for your requirements and refer to our Size Guide to check measurements. Please note that for hygiene and sterility reasons the Novaguard is non-returnable.

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