Key Features of the Novaguard

The Novaguard is a compact recovery collar that helps dogs to recover from surgery, rashes or injury by restricting access to their body. It is more comfortable and easier to use than the standard style of cone collar. The Novaguard keeps your dog’s ears free and moves around with the head to whichever way they want to look.

The Novaguard is smaller than a plastic cone

   ★  Designed to protect the body

   ★  No collar required

   ★  Easy fitting and adjustment

Benefits of the Novaguard…

  • moves with the head
  • your dog’s ears are kept free
  • reduced weight and less cumbersome
  • post-surgical protection during recovery

The Novaguard is worn on the head, rather than around the neck and has it’s own integrated velcro neck strap. A separate neck collar isn’t needed which is especially handy if you have a breed with a longer neck such as a Whippet.

Each Novaguard has a unique design that is supported from the top of the head, rather than the neck. The head rest creates a cushioned space between the dog’s head and the surface of the plastic cone, allowing air to circulate. The Novaguard’s plastic is firm and flexible.