Protecting the Body, Eyes and Face

The Novaguard is designed to protect the body. It prevents your dog from reaching their body. It can shield the eyes and face from the side however the front is open ended.

The Optivizor uses the same style of headrest as the Novaguard with a different design for the facial area, so that it can fully protect the eyes. It is not intended to protect the body so it doesn’t need to enclose the mouth or lower jaw, allowing easier access to food and water.

Key Features of the Optivizor

The Optivizor provides advanced eye and face protection for dogs, with physical protection for your dog’s face, and UV protection for their eyes. It is available in a wide range of sizes and styles and is adjustable to give your dog a comfortable fit.

The Optivizor allows your dog to eat and drink normally

   ★  Designed to protect the eyes and face

   ★  No collar required

   ★  Easy fitting and adjustment

The Optivizor can provide…

  • post-surgical protection during recovery
  • protection of the eyes and face from injury
  • UV protection for sensitive eye conditions
  • confidence building for dogs with reduced vision

The Optivizor is designed to rest on the head and curve around the face. It moves naturally with the turn of the head. Ears remain on the outside and unobstructed so they can hear normally. They can eat and drink, go for walks, sniff, play and sleep as normal.

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